Review: Keng Heng Charoen Noodle (เก่ง เฮงเจริญ)

This is going to be my last review before I jet off to London. And for a last review, it’s a fitting one.

Keng Heng Charoen is my favourite noodle place. Ever. It’s just outside Bangkok, in Val-town a.k.a. Nonthaburi. It’s easy enough to find – right at the foot of Pranangklao Bridge over the Chao Phraya river, on Rattanathibet Road which runs parallel (to the South) to Chaengwattana Road, where the ‘new’ Government Complex is.

The restaurant has recently been in the spotlight – duly so. If I’m not mistaken, it has in recent months been featured in the newspapers and on TV. I’ve been going there for ages. It’s me and my dad’s favourite haunt for Sunday breakfast. You might well stumble into us one fine Sunday morning.

So this is what the place looks like.

2013-12-19 11.11.50 2013-12-19 10.16.13 2013-09-15 08.34.40 2013-12-19 10.16.34

I have yet to see anyone playing on these swings.
I have yet to see anyone playing on these swings.

What does one write in a review of a noodle place? I don’t think there’s much to be written. It’s Tom Yam noodles with minced pork and Tam-lueng (a kind of vegetables I’m failing to find the English word for). I like the taste. Evidently so given I’ve been going there for near on ten years.

Here’s a bowl of noodles.

2013-09-15 08.36.54

The work of me and my dad.
The work of me and my dad.

The price is fine. Not super cheap given the size of the bowls. You can order ‘extra’, as is usually the case in this type of noodle place. I recommend 2 normal-sized bowls with a side dish. That will fill you up if you’re really hungry. If you’re a sufficiency eater, go for a normal-sized and a side dish. The fried tofu is especially yum. But then again, I like tofu.

Here’s to give you an idea of the surroundings – it’s quite leafy and breezy.

2013-12-19 10.53.13

Right next to the noodle place is an old-style coffee shop – Ratree Coffee. Opens seven days a week. They close one day every month – usually a Monday; they put up a sign so you know when they’ll be closed in a given month. They open through holidays – New Years included.

I like it. It opens about an hour after the noodle place does, which is why I don’t get to go there often. But I made a visit recently, and though the coffee leaves much to be desired, the atmosphere is perfect for a chilled morning/afternoon with a book or a friend.

2013-12-19 10.57.20 2013-12-19 10.57.00 2013-12-19 10.58.01 2013-12-19 10.57.42 2013-12-19 10.57.34 2013-12-19 10.55.04 2013-12-19 10.55.16

Well, then, I must be off. Luggage needs be packed. And preparations for London made.

Until next time – I shall be writing about a little hidden away café on Nakon-In road.



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