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A ‘Best Of’ collection of sorts – longer articles for you to tuck into at your leisure.

In order of appearances:

A Day in Berlin* – November 2013
Most Popular in 2013: Not Another Post on Politics: Events v.s. Facts – December 2013
An Educational Tale – December 2013
Why Living Time? – December 2013
Another Facebook-inspired Post – December 2013
Life of the Unknown – December 2013
On Mental Disorders, and Being Depressed – December 2013
On New Year Resolutions and Checklists (Part I)- December 2013

*A swankier version of A Day in Berlin can be found on Medium (essentially the same content with much, much larger images).

On Religion – January 2014
A Year in Paris (Parts I & II– January 2014
What’s Wrong with Being Selfish? – February 2014
A Day in Auschwitz – February 2014
Two Worlds – February 2014
Labels: Useful Heuristics or Dangerous Stereotypes? – March 2014
Where Did All the Books Go? – April 2014

“To take, or not to take”: Where Superstition Trumps Logic? – May 2017
On Relationships: Trust, Authenticity, and Communication – March 2018

Socially Distant? – March 2020
Harshest Critic for Two – April 2020


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