Site Policy

I am intrigued by anarchy, but I don’t necessarily want it in my household. So, here are a few thoughts on how I see this site functioning, and on what social decorum is expected of you, dearly beloved reader. You can see this as a sort of reciprocal rules and regulations which you (and I) are expected – but not obliged – to observe.

What I shall endeavour to deliver (in descending order of importance):

  1. Interesting content – but of course, interestingness is subjective. I can only assure you that everything I write on this site, I find interesting. Whether you do so as well, you alone can be the judge of.
  2. Clean language – as in no mixing of languages beyond the boundaries of propriety. No italicised Latin or French or any other language unless absolutely necessary. Though I may sometimes make up words. And often write in incomplete sentences.
  3. Regularity – there’s nothing as annoying (to me) as an outdated blog, especially if it’s by someone whose writing I enjoy consuming. So I shall do my best to ensure regular postings. I am pretty confident I can manage that, me being efficient and organised and all. *awkward pause*
  4. Responsiveness – I want us to have a conversation, and I appreciate your contributions (through whichever medium you so choose), so I will try my best to respond to your comments and/or feedback. I cannot promise I will reply to everything. But I will try my best.

What I expect of you (in increasing order of importance):

  1. Patience – I will often make promises, most likely re: topics that I plan to cover. Do believe that I shall honour all promises made. I keep track of my writings. And if a promised topic is yet to appear, it is because I have deemed the topic suitable for a future publication. Patience, young padawans (and old).
  2. Common sense – I expect you to decide for yourself what materials are suitable for a public space such as this blog. Obscenities and abuse – in any form – will not be tolerated. I will report you. This is not a warning. Well, actually it is.
  3. Respect – for everyone involved i.e. me, other readers, people whose comments you’re responding to, yourself. We are all grown-ups here. Any comments I deem disrespectful shall not be allowed to appear. You can curse me in your own time and on your own space, but I treat this site as my home on the interweb, and I shall not tolerate material that is disrespectful to me or any of my readers.

And now, to defuse the tension, here’s a picture of a cat.

This is my (former) cat. You'll hear more about her soon. Isn't she a beauty?
This is my (former) cat ‘Mimine’. Isn’t she a beauty?

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