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Dialogues (In Order of Appearances):

Milk Tea? (January 2014)
Dental Floss (January 2014)
The Unopened Clam (February 2014)
Tiger in a Cage (September 2014)

Note from Val:

Dearest readers,

I want to share with you my friend Viriya’s dialogues. She has been writing them for quite a while. And the more of them I read, the more I am impressed with their power to capture the imagination and provoke deep, life-enriching thoughts.

This is why I have asked for (and been given) permission to share her dialogues on these pages, so that her creative gift can also be enjoyed by my wonderful readers.

All the dialogues featured on Viriya’s Corner are 100% written and edited by their author. So it is to Viriya that all the credit for this very special corner must be attributed. I am responsible only for the accurate transmission of her wonderful writings on these pages, and the order in which they are published.

Stay tuned – there are many and more to come.



p.s. I’m sure Viriya sends her love too. 🙂

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