A plea to Thais out there…

It’s your right to hate, but I think it’s your duty – as a citizen of our constitutional monarchy – not to incite hatred among others.

I don’t want to be rude. But all these posts and status updates about how the ‘other’ side is disseminating lies and should therefore be condemned and opposed at all costs are, frankly, irresponsible. Not to mention unkind.

I don’t want my blog to be politically affiliated. And God knows (figure of speech) how quickly you can be sucked into Thailand’s political whirlpool, labelled, painted, and looked on with disdain/admiration/hatred.

Stop acting like children. Seriously.

Be cool. Be calm. Be collected.

Use reason. Channel your emotions responsibly.

I feel too. I’m not a robot. I choose not to let my feelings influence my ‘political’ posts. I sometimes fail. But I do try.

Your public actions have ramifications far greater than you can possibly imagine. I do think it’s your duty to make sure your public actions are for the public good, not for your own, nor for anyone else’s.

Here’s hoping that reason will prevail.

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