Maria on How to Tell Love from Passion

Another lovely piece from Brain Pickings.

A good follow-up read to her Literary Definitions of Love, already posted here.

I do use a lot of her material, don’t I? I blame her writings for being too interesting!

4 responses to “Maria on How to Tell Love from Passion”

  1. I can see now why you like her material, I won’t argue, this post was spot on for me. It’s the very reason I started a blog myself.

    1. I like the range of things she posts on and, more importantly, her outlook on them and the clarity and conciseness with which she expresses her opinions. My idol! 😀

      1. Well you shall be my guide on her. I’ll be following closely 🙂

      2. Haha thanks. She also has a Facebook page but I’d prefer that you go through my blog. Of course. XD

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