And it is here!

I don’t know about you, but I just can.not.wait. for season 4.

Especially so having read the book.

Which characters am I most looking forward to seeing? If I told you, it’d spoil you. So I’ll be kind and give the conventional answer: Tyrion. I’m looking forward to seeing Tyrion back on screen.

Which two am I really looking forward to seeing? (Oh wait did I say two? Oops. That doesn’t count as a spoiler does it…) If you’d read the books and would like to converse, feel free to inbox me. And be considerate, please: any spoilers in comments will be deleted and blocked.

Do get in touch, fellow book readers. Or I shall soon burst with all these spoilers I’m holding!

I have vented my frustration elsewhere – do sympathise.

And rejoice in Trailer #1. Cannot wait for more.


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