Going on hiatus…

01/04/14 update: I’ve posted a few things post-hiatus announcement. It seems I can’t keep away. So, if all goes as planned, you’ll be hearing from me sporadically over the next two months. 

And once my exam ends on 29th May? You may certainly expect to see a lot more of me. Once I’m done celebrating. *wink*

In the unlikely event that you actually really enjoy my writing, feel free to check out my daily blog: A Day in the Life of Val, where you’ll be hearing from me – well – daily! And see me experimenting with more varied writing styles. It’s a steep learning curve I’m climbing, but girl’s climbing!

Hope you have all been well.



[Original message begins]

It is with mixed feelings that I announce Living Time is going on hiatus, effective Monday 10th March. Mixed feelings because I will miss writing for you guys, but also excited because the next few months will bring many new experiences for me to share when I’m back.

And not to mention the many old experiences I’ve promised to share from the past month. Apologies for the delay, but a girl gotta get a degree no matter how awesomely she blogs.

When will I be back? I’ll keep you posted.



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