Living Time: Reading Guide

How to enjoy Living Time (a.k.a. not get lost in my sea of thoughts)!

I know Living Time sports a pretty unconventional look, hence this post to help you navigate. Basically, there are 2 ways to explore the site:

ONE: Dive in and hope for the best

Each post is represented by a circle. The title of the post can sometimes be seen. If not, you can see it by hovering the mouse over the circle. Pick and choose the titles that whet your appetite. There are musings of varying lengths and levels of organisation, reviews, photographs, links to articles and/or videos, so on and so forth. The posts are arranged in chronological order, and you’ll see the latest posts first. For older ones, there is a button at the bottom (centre) of the page that says (you guessed it) “OLDER POSTS”. And that’s pretty much it for the “dive in and hope for the best” approach.

TWO: Use life support in the form of menu (top-right of homepage)

If you don’t like chaos, this approach will give you access to a selection of posts on the blog. Here is an explanation of each menu:

  • Home: The name speaks for itself.
  • Featured Content: This page features longer, more structured posts that I’d like to showcase. Go here for the cream of the crop.
  • Author’s Pets: Here are posts that didn’t quite make the cut for Featured Content for whatever reason (doesn’t mean they’re bad!) but which I particularly like.
  • Newsfeed: This site was originally an extension of my Twitter (hence the tagline “Because 140 characters is sometimes not enough.”), so to honour history I’ve included selected tweets here.
  • Val’s Photography: I quite like taking photographs, and the ones I’m especially happy with can be found here.
  • Reviews: These are places that have left a positive impression which I’d like to recommend. There aren’t that many yet – more to be added!
  • Tidbits: These are excerpts from the readi-universe. This page is more a memo to myself than anything, but since it’s there I’d like to share it with you.
  • Writing Out: Writing is extremely therapeutic and a potentially rewarding career. So I’d like to encourage my readers to write by offering a publication channel, free of charge.
  • Viriya’s Corner: I have a friend called – you guessed it – Viriya who writes thoughtful, creative dialogues. I like them, and I thought you might too. So with her permission I’ve featured some of her work here.
  • Elsewhere: My presence on the blogosphere extends beyond this site, so if you’d like to read more of my writing, here’s where you go for directions.
  • So… Who Am I?: Go here if you’d like to know me a little better, though truth be told each piece on this site offers a little bit of me. There are also sub-pages listing my favourite books, films, quotes, and stuff I’d like you to check out.
  • Site Policy: Rules and regulations, plain and simple.

One last thing: if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, past the “OLDER POSTS” button, you will see a + sign. Click on it for articles people are reading, a search function for when you want to find a specific post, and the option to follow this blog via e-mail.

And… that’s it! I hope that was helpful.

Any comments on how to improve the layout of the site or things to add, please feel free to drop them here:

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