Isn’t Christmas just the most wonderful time of year?

‘Cuz it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Val Saksornchai

I think it is. Christmas is a fuzzy, warm ball of white fluffiness that wraps around me, hot chocolate and/or mulled wine in hand. I would like to tell you why I love Christmas so. But instead of me rambling on for paragraphs on end, let’s try something new.

I will tell you a list of things that make Christmas a special time for me. Then you tell me yours. Let’s see if this works.

So. Here’s my list in no particular order:

The lights
Oh the lights! Christmas is the only time of year you can find me willingly wandering Oxford Street. I normally abhor it – too many shoppers, too many tourists. But when the lights come on, my oh my. It’s pretty. So very pretty. I love it.

The festiveness 2012-11-27 21.56.16
I don’t quite know what word to use. Festivity is too much. Festiveness sounds weird. But for…

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